Performance 5

The five keys to better performance - ours and yours.

New Penn has built a complete service around five performance factors chosen with you in mind: Speed, Reliability, Responsiveness, Flexibility, and Efficiency. We call them New Penn’s Performance 5.

The Performance 5 is backed by specific programs and actions to ensure New Penn’s superior performance improves your performance.


Speed has long been a New Penn advantage. We pioneered next-day service in the Northeast.

Here's how:
- Direct Loading
- Step-Saver Dock Planning
- Line-Haul Planning System


New Penn has combined advanced technology and innovative freight handling techniques with outstanding safety and maintenance procedures. The result:

Here's how it's done:
- Computer Dispatch
- Quality Freight Handling System
- Advanced Telecommunications
- Preventive Maintenance Processes
- Safety and Hazardous Materials Training


Using technology and teamwork, New Penn has taken specific steps to respond faster and more accurately than any other carrier.


New Penn has broadened the scope of services and utilized advanced information technology to adapt to each customer's requirements.

Tell us what you need to better serve your customers.


New Penn is widely recognized as one of the most efficient carriers in the industry. Our efficiency is the result of innovative freight handling techniques, advanced information systems, excellent cost control, and superior productivity.

Our efficiency benefits you with:

Performance 5